Casual Friday +


It’s casual Friday, and the search is on for new and exciting ways to wear denim. I recently purchased a pair of overalls and thought I would change up my usual denim with something a little more fun. Overalls have been quite the fashion lately and I wasn’t sure I could pull them off without looking like I was twelve. Well, I took a leap of faith, and when in doubt, I added heels.


I paired this look with some colorful sunglasses from GlassesShop. They took a classic tortoise pattern, mixed it up with teal and purple for a unique design. These glasses are as versatile as a classic tortoise pattern but really catch the light and create a distinctive look. has a large variety of sunglasses and prescription glasses to choose from, for a limited time, you can get your first pair for free. Check out their stylish collection here.


Overalls have become as popular as jumpsuits this season and can really change up your casual Friday look. I love trying new things and exploring ways to change up work wear for the modern woman. Hope you all enjoy this look and check out GlassesShop for some cool new shades. Have a fabulous weekend lovies!


This post was sponsored by GlassesShop, and I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Work Wardrobe Wednesday: Color

It’s Work Wardrobe Wednesday and today we are discussing one of my favorite topics… COLOR! Adding color to your work wardrobe can sometimes be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways to incorporate color without having to be so bold. The first step in this is identifying what colors look best on you.8438754955_cc5f597cabFirst things first, skin tone and undertones are two completely different things. One is the color of your skin, and the other is the subtle colors that lie beneath. Learning what these are and how to work with them to enhance your features has become somewhat of a science. I wanted to provide some guidelines and advice on how to determine this on your own. There are 3 different categories warm, cool, and neutral.

5 Tests to find out your skin undertones:

  1. Look at your wrist and determine what color your veins are. If they are green, you are warm toned and if they are more blue you are considered cool toned. If you think they fall in both categories, you may be neutral.
  2. What color jewelry looks better on you, gold or silver? Gold looks better on warm toned and silver on neutral.
  3. Put a piece of paper next to your cheek- does white or off-white look better? White is better on cool tones and off-white on warm tones.
  4. What colors do you normally get compliments on? This can really help if you are unsure.
  5. Do you tan or burn? Most of the time cool tones get burned.                                                                             joyful-warm-cool-colors-lbPkJ

Wow, it makes sense when you see something that looks great on a friend but you tried the same color and it didn’t have the same effect. Everyone has a power color and you can now easily find yours. Working this into your work wardrobe will become easier and you will look great! Having colors that compliment your skin tone can really enhance your features and make you look radiant. This not only applies to clothing and accessories but can work for makeup selection as well.

I had the opportunity to share this information and style the ladies of the TriCity Women’s Club. This event was sponsored by Dillard’s and I had such a great time working with this group of ladies to find their colors. When you determine what yours are, it’s like catching lightning in a bottle! Do you know your colors? Stay tuned for next weeks post on how to easily incorporate color for work.


This post was a collaboration with Tri-City Women’s club but all opinions are my own.

“I Don’t Care, I Love It!” an Easy Weekend Look

IMG_1109_editedIt’s the end of the week and MAN was this a long one! I guess settling down from the hustle of traveling the last couple weeks has really taken its toll. I am heading into this weekend with one scheduled event and hopefully a little downtime but no promises I will actually stay still for more than an hour; I do have a 2-year-old.IMG_1117_editedIMG_1105_editedIMG_1150_edited
Earlier this week I posted a quick outfit for summer (here) and this post is similar. It’s a quick mom outfit with a little business in the front and party in the back. The shirt says it all for me, I Don’t Care I Love It! I think you have to create your own unique style and have that attitude. If you love something, wear it and share it!

IMG_1098_editedIMG_1146_editedThis outfit is comfortable, quick, budget friendly, and perfect for the summer. The shirt even has a fun fringe detailing in the back that makes you just want to spin around like a kid! Hope you have a spinning great weekend!


Tank / Jeans / Bag / Earrings / Glasses / Sandals / Watch

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Summer Vacay Outfit – 10 mins!

IMG_0729Summer is flying by this year! We have been traveling a lot the last couple of weekends and it’s been great seeing family and getting to spend more time with mine. Summer is one of my favorites times of the year because so much time is spent by the pool and the beach.IMG_0728_editedWhen we travel, I always try and take quick outfits. The last place I want to be when we are on vacation is in a hotel room getting ready. One way I try and make my outfit fun is with accessorizing. I love novelty bags, big earrings, and crazy shoes.IMG_0717_editedIMG_0785_editedThis look took all of 10 minutes including putting my extra-long hair into braids. Braids are the only way my hair works by the pool or the beach, if not I look like a hot mess. I paired a simple outfit- white shirt with jeans with some bright accessories. The cute little gem of a bag and shoes are from one of my favorite brands for original items, Original Wear. See my other unique items from them here. I matched the turquoise sandals with some beautiful tassel earrings to complete my look.IMG_0753IMG_0769_editedHope your summer vacays consist of more family time and less getting ready! More time for sweet kisses and making memories! What are your quick tips for staying fashionable on vacay?


Working Women Wednesday: Pros/Cons

It is Work Wardrobe Wednesday and this week we are changing it up a little- it’s Working Women Wednesday. Being a working mom has its daily challenges. I am always asking myself. Am I doing the right thing? Is this the right thing for my child and my family’s well-being? Am I spending enough time with my little one? This week I have teamed up with Connie from Momma of Dos to discuss the pros and cons of being a working mom.


You miss out sometimes

Since you to spend a lot of time away, you miss out on some of the firsts for your child. I was there for daughter’s first steps and her first meal but I did miss some of her firsts. You  also miss out on playdates and cool classes that are offered during the day. And Why is toddler gymnastics only offered at 3pm on Mondays during the week?

You have to sacrifice some things

This goes for all moms, your house will most likely never be in order and it is ok to not care. You  sacrifice cleaning to have time with your child. I have come to terms with this. They say you can only manage three things well at one time and I have to choose sometimes to sacrifice, whether it be my fitness goals or laundry, somethings gotta give.

You are always tired

Managing expectations at work and home can be exhausting. You want to make sure you are present in your family’s life and also a great employee. You have to plan and stay organized all the time. I try and work in some healthy food choices, lots of caffeine, and an occasional workout to keep my energy up.

Your child will always be sick

In my case, my child is always sick. Being around a bunch of other children every day and sharing germs it’s bound to happen. The winter months are worse and not to mention mommy usually get sick as well. To try and minimalize this we stay fully stocked up on Elderberry and Fairy Tales hair care.

You have guilt

Growing up in a Latina family this one plays a huge role in my life. My mother didn’t work out of the house and her mother didn’t either. Not only do I have the mom guilt inflicted on myself when I hear my child calling for mommy but also the guilt from my family of not being the “traditional mom “and raising my own child. The expectation was naturally for me to have kids and stay home. Not to mention being able to have dinner on the table every night. This to me feels like such an ancient way of thinking but every time my grandmother visits she is more worried about my husband’s eating schedule than anything else.


You are a positive role model

As a working mom or SAHM we want to be positive role models. By working, I feel I am having a positive impact on my daughter. I am teaching her about managing many things, keeping a schedule, and creating a legacy.

You have a little independence and so does your child

You get to have adult conversations and have responsibility outside of the home while your child learns independence. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

You get a break

I get to have my 10-minute drive time from childcare to work where I can have a moment to myself. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can really recharge me. I can sing at the top of lungs if I want too but most days I just enjoy a moment of silence. It’s amazing what that can do for your sanity- lol.

You help with the financial future of your family

You are able to financially assist with your household. You are able to save and contribute to the financial stability of your family’s future including college education.

You treasure time with your child

Having a full-time job and blogging takes a lot of time away from my family. I do treasure the time we spend and try and make things special for my daughter.

 IMG_0838_editedAs a working mom, you can have it all. By this, I mean your definition of it all. I do sacrifice some things in my life but feel working at this time is right for me and my family.  By working, I am hoping to influence the future of the working mom. Whether you work or stay at home, we are all on this mom train together trying to make it, so keep chugging along. Thanks Connie for joining me this week, check out her post here !


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Cheerios DIY + Secret Life of Pets


Mornings in our house are always crazy. I am running 90 to nothing, even when I get everything ready the night before. I have just come to the realization that I need to give myself a little extra time to chase my toddler around my house. During the week, we don’t always have the time to sit down and eat breakfast. One of the ways I try and make mornings faster is choosing quick meal options.IMG_0962_edited

I have tried pre-made breakfast options but my daughter loves cereal and Honey Nut Cheerios are her favorite. I am sure the other mamas out there can relate. Cheerios are like the mom staple when it comes to a child’s diet and one of the first things we introduce in the weaning stages. They are made with real honey, oats and are gluten-free. They are a great alternative to candy rewards for potty training and I heard make great toilet targets for the boy moms out there.

I have come up with a breakfast DIY for the little one in your life. This not only feeds them breakfast in a new and fun way but it also provides entertainment while mommy gets herself put together for the day. That combo is a great one for me especially since morning can be challenging sometimes.


As an added bonus, this month Honey Nut Cheerios has partnered with Universal Pictures to feature an in-pack giveaway of characters from the upcoming movie The Secret Life of Pets. You have the chance to collect 6 different key chains from the movie. My little one was delighted to receive Snowball and immediately turned the keychain into a bracelet. She cannot wait to see the movie which is in theaters nationwide on July 8, 2016 and every time we see the commercial she reminds me again.

IMG_0956_editedDIY Layered Snack Necklace 


  • Cheerios (Honey Nut, Multi-Grain, or Regular)
  • String
  • Scissors
  1. Cut a long piece that will fit over the child’s head
  2. Cut 2 smaller pieces for the layers
  3. String Cheerios across the bottom until the spot where you would like the layer to start.
  4. String Cheerios on one of the smaller pieces and tie to both sides of the longer piece – leaving no room in between last Cheerios and layer
  5. String a couple of Cheerios on each side and repeat step above
  6. When you fill the string completely, tie together and you are all set.IMG_0997_edited

This DIY is so easy to do in advance, great for the mom on-the-go, nice as a party favor, a fun craft to do with your child, or even a great snack to wear to the movies to see The Secret Life of Pets.  Cheerios has partnered with me to offer all my readers a $1 off coupon here. And if you love The Secret Life of Pets you can create your own PetEmoji online here .

Even the baby needed her own Cheerios Snack Necklace- LOL. I hope you find this craft as convenient as I do as a busy mom! Have a safe holiday weekend and hope you make it out to see the movie, I know we will!


Work Wardrobe Wednesday: 3

IMG_0821_editedIt’s Work Wardrobe Wednesday and this week I want to focus on work wear that doesn’t break the bank. I recently attended an event focusing on financial literacy and education for Latina women. I was really inspired hearing the stories and listening to ways that we are, as a Latina community, becoming more educated and financially independent.

IMG_0836_editedAs a career women, I do help my family with finances and building the financial foundation for my daughter. With that being said, I do think it is important to make smart financial decisions when it comes to your wardrobe. I will be the first to admit, IT IS HARD!!! We are constantly tempted with sales everywhere we turn. Staying on a wardrobe budget can be challenging and I wanted to provide some tips to help stay on your budget.

10 ways to keep your work wardrobe budget friendly

  1. Buy classic items you can accessorize in different ways
  2. Make sure you can style an item at least 4 different ways (Ex:Denim Shirt- can be worn with a pair of trousers to work, with a pair of jeans for a denim on denim look, with a rolled sleeve paired with shorts for the weekend, or even paired with a tulle skirt for a date night)
  3. Make sure to build your wardrobe over time – buy quality key pieces that will last
  4. Purchase quality neutral shoes that will last many years- remember cost per wear on this ($100 pair of shoes worn 10 times = $10/wear), your feet usually stay around the same size no matter how you change, and just because a shoe has a fun pattern doesn’t mean it can’t be a neutral in your wardrobe (ex: plaid, leopard, or even stripes)
  5. Know when to purchase certain items – researching sales cycles for certain items can save $$$
  6. Buying items at the end of a season can be beneficial; in Texas we really have an eternal summer so most things in the middle can be worn all year long
  7. Sell your old clothes – there are places that will buy back old clothes like Plato’s closet and you can use the money for new ones
  8. Keep a specific budget for clothing on a monthly basis – save up a couple of months for big ticket items
  9. Filter your e-mail brand alerts and check them only when you are looking to buy something from that store
  10. Be creative – you can always thrift, sew items in a new way, or even host a clothing trading party with friends if you have a limited budget

IMG_0842_edited11The key to this is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous for the office. There are ways to keep costs down and still purchase big ticket items. If your budget doesn’t allow for clothing, be creative and mix and match what you already own. You can really surprise yourself if you just think out of the box.

IMG_0830_editedThe look I am wearing is a classic look that stands the test of time. A striped button up shirt, solid pair of trousers, and a basic heel. To make this look a little more fun I added some menswear inspiration – one of my favorite ways to style work clothes also seen here. I “borrowed” a tie from my hubby’s closet to create a belted look and added a chunky necklace.

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