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Jump into Spring with a Jumpsuit

Not sure if our seasons got the memo here in Texas but per the calendar we are officially in Spring. It’s time to bring out the ever-innovative florals and pastels (LOL) and cruise through to summer. One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the feminine details in fashion. It seems Spring brings an overload of ruffles, lace, and girly fabrics.

As a woman on the go my biggest struggle is finding something to wear quickly. I have had to develop a system that helps me find things to wear in under five minutes. Because sometimes five minutes is all I have between bath time and the time I need to leave to go somewhere. In the past, dresses were always my go-to easy outfit but things have changed. Move over dresses, there’s a new garment in town.

With the jumpsuit continuing to be a trend again this season, they are one of my go-to garments. Jumpsuits can be casual enough to sport on a beach vacay and dressy enough to wear to a wedding. One of the reasons I love them is because it’s only one piece you need to style. It can be as easy as pairing the right shoes and walking out the door. If you choose the style for your body, they can be very forgiving and flattering.

I styled this look to be a little more casual yet flattering for my body type. If you are like me and have some areas for improvement, the jumpsuit tied in the middle with a vest can create an illusion of a slimmer mid-section. What women doesn’t want that?

Jumpsuits can really be a year round garment if styled appropriately. I’ve heard some women say they just don’t fit correctly. Trust me, there is a jumpsuit for every body shape. I have linked some of my favorite jumpsuits of the season, a little something for everyone.

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If you are interested in seeing how I styled my jumpsuit with a blazer for a presentation on color, check it out here.

Easy Rodeo Inspired Fashion!

The Rodeo season is in full effect here in Houston. BUT… What if you are not a western kind of girl? What If you don’t own cowboy boots? What do you wear?

Finding something to wear to the rodeo is easier than you think. I wanted to provide alternative outfit ideas if your not feeling the cowgirl vibes or if you are a busy woman and want to find inspiration within your own closet. These selections might be just what you need. You can bring a western flair to your outfit without having to go the typical route.

I teamed up with Thinking Girls Boutique and some of my favorite local bloggers (@annamakemeup AND @thehurriedhostess ) to bring you some easy Rodeo fashions.

1. A SUMMER DRESS can easily be Rodeo ready by pairing it with denim, a belt, and boots (or sandals).

2. A WRAP DRESS and boots paired with a fringe bag.

3. OFF THE SHOULDER DRESSES are all the rage now and this one paired with tights, boots, and a beautiful bangle makes a great option.

4. A PATTERN DRESS with denim can take you from the office to the show.

5. A MAXI DRESS paired with denim and booties make a great combination.

As you can see from the options above, not all Rodeo wear has to be so over the top western. I do love to wear cowboy boots but you don’t always have to. You can mix and match and still look great. All of these options are available at Thinking Girls Boutique if you are still looking for your Rodeo Wear!

Clothing and Accessories: Thinking Girls Boutique
Makeup: Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics
Photography: The Hurried Hostess

5 Ways to Dress Yourself Thin

It doesn’t fit again? Story of my life right now! The biggest wardrobe challenge for me after having a child has been finding clothes that fit right. They tell you that your body changes but you have no idea until it really happens. I was always the petite one growing up and I never had much trouble finding things to wear. I could walk into the GAP, Ann Taylor, and J Crew; pick my size, purchase, and things would just fit.

Being a mom has changed this and I am ok with that. I did experience a difficult pregnancy and have a miracle child so I am truly blessed. I know one day I will focus on weight management but right now I am focusing on being a mom and enjoying this phase of my life. I feel more confident in my skin now than ever I did when I was less than 100lbs.

That was one of the main reasons I started my blog. I was now experiencing so many challenges finding something fashionable to wear that was flattering for my figure. I wanted to provide encouraging posts, outfit inspiration, and tips for women my size (smaller or larger) that face these same challenges. Quick things you can do as a woman on-the-go to find the perfect outfit while staying on trend.

Here are some of the things I do to create a slimming look:

1. Focus on colors that I know look good on me. Colors can make a huge difference in how you look. Wearing darker colors on the bottom can create a slimmer look overall. To learn how to find your colors- read my suggestions here.
2. Make sure to cover up areas that I think are not flattering. Some easy garments that do this are dresses with sleeves, vests – which cover back fat, and capes that take the focus away from your midsection.
3. Wearing heels. As a mom, I not always in heels but I try and wear them when I go to events and non-kid parties. Heels really elongate your legs and create a slimmer look (even if they are not 5 inches).
4. Understanding what lengths work best. In dresses/skirts I have to do short or long, nothing in between is flattering. I know in pants I usually can wear ankle or long. Knowing the lengths that work best saves you time and effort and you can then (well sometimes) shop online.
5. Remember, just because they make things in all sizes does not mean they should be worn. Look to see how something drapes your body and take a picture. The camera does not lie.

I hope that I will always provide some encouragement for women like me that struggle to find clothing quickly. We can all look great by taking the time to understand our bodies and using some simple guidelines when shopping. I am sure my weight will change again soon but I love to eat so the struggle remains. I must say Kate Moss lied when she said, “Nothing tastes better than skinny feels.” Yes, Kate- tacos do!

To see more of my outfit posts, click here.

A Cape Look!

The weather in Texas is seriously so indecisive lately you never know if you need a coat, a tank top, rain boots, or all three in one day. I have always lived here and you think I would be accustomed to this but it seems I spend too much time watching The Batchelor (don’t judge), This is Us, and Project Runway and not enough time on the weather channel. I am usually not a TV person but this weather has me indoors!

For the days when the weather changes without notice, a cape is a great solution. It covers enough to keep you warm but is airy enough to keep you from sweating. Capes are a great piece for layering and make for a beautiful silhouette. An added benefit is they are tummy friendly and I can always appreciate a garment like that! After all, when you have curves, sometimes you want to hide them.

I decided to give a little Valentine’s Day inspiration for my look today. I am obsessed with hearts and just can’t get enough of them this time of year. I paired my heart heels and bag with a black and white ensemble. This vintage caplet completed the look. This outfit is a nice combo for Valentine’s Day and can be paired with flats for a mom’s night out with kids.

To see more caplet looks- you can see my caplet styled for work here and a casual look for the rain here. I have put together some of my favorite caplets of the season below. Have a “cape” day loves!

[Disclosure: These photos were done in collaboration with Le Zu Photography, as always, opinions are fabulously my own). This post contains affiliate links. If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make.]

To shop my look:

For my “cape” recommendations under $100:

Girly Girl Handbags!

It’s about a month away from Valentine’s Day and I am already loving all the hearts and pink I see everywhere. This is the time when I am able to stock up all my feminine accessories and shoes. One of my absolute favorite girly items are the fabulous heart shaped handbags.

Valentine’s Day is actually my favorite holiday. Not because of the lovey dovey aspect of it but because of all the pink and hearts. I actually got married Valentine’s Day weekend and my colors were Blush and Bashful (pink and pink-lol). For all the girly girls out there I have put together a collection of my favorite handbags of this heart filled season. Hope you enjoy!

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A Statement Coat and Why You Should Consider One?

Fashion Blogger Embroidered Coat
I live in the South and the weather is warm pretty much year round but, I have always loved coats and think they add an extra touch to any fall/winter outfit. The great thing about it not being so cold, is that I usually get to wear my coats unbuttoned and you are able to see my full look. A statement coat is like the icing on the cake for styling.

Fashion Blogger Embroidered Coat

Fashion Blogger Embroidered Coat

Fashion Blogger Embroidered Coat

A statement coat is really something I think is worth investing in. You always need your basic coats but a statement piece does just that, makes a statement. A fun embroidered coat can be something that takes a basic ensemble to the next level. They are definitely a conversation starter and more like a wearable piece of art.

Fashion Blogger Embroidered Coat

Fashion Blogger Embroidered Coat

The one I am wearing has been in my collection for over 15yrs. It was inspired by Marie Antoinette and has some beautiful detailing on the sleeves. I paired it with a wrap shirt, denim skirt, and suede boots to finish the look. I then added subtle accessories and let the coat take center stage.

If you don’t own a statement coat, I would encourage you at least take a look at some to expand your wardrobe horizons. Just like with every garment, there is a style for everyone. I have linked some of my favorite statement coats from this season below. Hope you will take a look!

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Brunch with Bloggers + Hungry’s Upstairs

Blogger Brunch Hungrys

It’s the end of 2016 and WOW has this year just flown by. I feel like I say that every year but it does seem like the older we get the faster it goes. I took a little blog break to spend time with my family and enjoy the holiday. The most important gift we can give and receive is the gift of presence.

I recently checked out the new and improved Hungry’s in Rice Village for a Blogger Brunch. I was super excited because Hungry’s has been a favorite spot of mine for years. With the popularity and demand of this restaurant, they have moved into a modern building and expanded upward to create a new space named Upstairs. Upstairs is a unique lounge with a huge gorgeous patio that has an amazing weekend brunch, happy hours, and can be rented for private events.

Blogger Brunch Hungrys

As I was brunching with some of my fav blogger babes, I was able to enjoy the casual ambience and beauty of the trees from this gorgeous patio. We sampled different cocktails and appetizers but the strawberry mimosa was my absolute favorite. As my entrée, I ordered the chicken and waffles plate and it was a nice combination of sweet and spicy. The spicy syrup really completed the dish and gave it a pleasant little zing.

Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger


For this blogger brunch I decided to wear a violet colored dress and accessorize it with tones of gray and silver. The combination was great for this occasion but also a perfect idea for a NYE outfit! As a girly girl, I loved that the clutch had a hand strap detail that was a cute bow. I finished the look with a faux fur scarf and some gray velvet heels. The faux fur detailing is a nice touch for a winter look in the south.

Blogger Brunch Fashion

If you haven’t already scheduled your plans for new year’s, there is still time. I would definitely recommend checking out Hungry’s grand opening TOMORROW, New Year’s Eve! And if you still need some fabulous outfit inspiration, the outfit is linked above. Hope you all have a safe and fabulous New Year’s! I will be spending time with family so SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

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Mad for Plaid!

Fashion Blogger Plaid History Jonathan Ivy

It’s FINALLY cold enough to start wearing my winter wardrobe, yay! I have always been obsessed with plaid and truly consider it a staple in my wardrobe. It seems that the winter months bring out the plaiditude in everyone!

Fashion Blogger Plaid History Jonathan Ivy

The History of Plaid:

Did you know plaid isn’t technically the correct term to use? This fabric named “tartan” originated in Scotland and has been traced back 3,000 years! The Scottish used tartan to differentiate between clans and some even had their own family tartan (I want to have one for my fam!). Plaid was actually a term used to describe a heavy cloak or blanket used to keep them warm- similar to a modern blanket scarf or poncho.

Tartan was originally made from wool and the color draft is called a sett. With modern technology we use machines to create tartan but back in the day they used the sett to specifically describe the color combination of threads. Now the sett is used to describe threads but also to play with sizing for different garments and accessories. For example, a men’s tie sett would be much smaller than a sett used for a skirt.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that tartan was actually a fabric used for women’s clothing. It is now a classic for men, women, and kids of every age. Once the tartan fabric was popular with American and British textile makers, it received the name plaid. Although tartan has become plaid, the history of origin still remains. It’s been recognized more for its beauty than for its deep rooted history.

Fashion Blogger Plaid History Jonathan Ivy

Fashion Blogger Plaid History Jonathan Ivy

Fashion Blogger Plaid History Jonathan Ivy

This outfit post was inspired by my love for plaid. The simplicity of everything else lets the plaid bag stand out. I chose to pair the dress with some suede boots and simple jewelry to finish the look. This simple outfit would have been rather boring without the plaiditute this bag brings. I have linked some of my favorite plaid bags below and stay tuned for next week’s gift guide for the plaid lover in your life!

[Disclosure: This post was done in collaboration with Jonathan Ivy Photography, as always opinions are fabulously my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make]


Patriotic Looks for Election Day!

red heart purse fashion blogger StacyAndersonPhotography(168)
menswear inspired look fashion for work career chic
fashion blogger career look
It’s no secret this election has everyone on their toes! This is the craziest election season I have had in all my thirty-something years!The thought of either candidate makes me want to cringe but moving out of the country is not an option (at least for right now). I will not be sharing who I voted for or what I think you should do. This subject is so controversial and I am just over it all! I want to talk about something a little more light-hearted and that is fashion. I decided on this election day, I would round up my favorite red, white and blue ensembles for a little fashion distraction from the election!

The first look, A Fun Look with My Heart on my Sleeve, is a fun off the shoulder top and denim skirt. At the rate we are going, with the hot temps, this off the shoulder top could be worn until Christmas. The red heels and heart bag add some spice to a classic outfit.
My second look, Menswear Inspiration for Work, shows you 5 ways you can easily incorporate menswear into your career look. I did quite a bit of pattern mixing with this ensemble but it still has a cohesive look. I also show that menswear can still be girly by fe-MEN-izing your wardrobe.
The final look, Taking Classic Pieces to Fabulous Pieces, show you ways to take the classics and add some pizazz. I paired polka dots and solids for a complete head-to-toe patriot look. Again, this posts has suggestions on how to freshen up your classics by adding one simple piece.

This election day will probably be one of the longest days of the year. I hope I distracted you for a brief moment and inspired some patriot looks in your future. A lot of my inspiration for my style has come from one of our first ladies Jackie O. For more of my fashion looks click here. To see the 44 First Lady Fashion Looks from Eleanor Roosevelt to Michelle Obama click here.

Happy Election Day!


Tacos Are Always in Style!

Taco T-Shirt Taco Gear Taco Graphic Tee Mexican T-Shirt
Taco T-Shirt Taco Gear Taco Graphic Tee Mexican T-ShirtTaco T-Shirt Taco Gear Taco Graphic Tee Mexican T-Shirt
Taco T-Shirt Taco Gear Taco Graphic Tee Mexican T-Shirt
Taco T-Shirt Taco Gear Taco Graphic Tee Mexican T-Shirt
Tacos and Fashion, two of my favorite things! It’s not a typical combination, but who says it has to be? We are constantly asked what are you doing to be different?

From the time I can remember, tacos have always been a part of my life. I never realized how much we ate tacos until I moved out of the country (to France) to work. What do you mean you don’t have tortillas here-lol? I thought about Mexican food in general but tacos more than anything. What I would have given to have a homemade tortilla with beans and cheese for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, the pain au chocolat was pretty amazing and crepes weren’t a bad substitute! But, it’s the little things in life that we sometimes take for granted.

As a taco lover, I was super excited to partner with Taco Creative. Taco creative is a Corpus Christi based company started by Gerald Flores, a graphic designer. His line, Taco Gear, is a taco lover’s dream – everything has the taco theme. His line includes the ever popular graphic tees, trucker hats, and taco accessories.

Having a fashion design background, I was giddy at the thought of designing my own shirt. As fellow creatives, Gerald and I were able to design something that merged our two brands into one. I was able to create a Val Around Town signature shirt bringing two of my favorite things together. It’s not your typical combination and I am sure you will not be served tacos at the next runway show but tacos will always be in style in my book.

If you love to support Texas/local based brands like me, check out Taco Gear and all their specTACOular designs. These make great gifts for your taco lovers and are a different take on your graphic tee.

“And always remember, trends come and go but TACOS are always in style.” Val

Taco Gear can be found:
Facebook: TacoCreative
Instagram: @tacocreative

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Taco Creative, as always options are fabulously my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make]