Mom Uniform LBD

LBD Mom style

LBD Mom style

LBD Mom style

LBD Mom style

LBD Mom style

It’s Friday and I am super excited to be attending the Blog Elevated conference again (see my thoughts on last year here)! I am always on the go, around town, and running errands. As a busy lady and a mom, I don’t always have a super fashionable outfit on. I love fashion but sometimes I need practicality over fashion. Not to say I don’t try to bring some fashionable elements into my looks but just a comfier take on it.

Today I wanted to provide some inspiration for the moms out there. This jersey dress has become one of my “mom uniforms” as I like to call it. It’s easy, no iron, and comfy enough to run around all day. You can really pair it with anything and it is the necessary LBD for the woman on the go. Did I mention it has pockets?

5 Reasons why this is a mom uniform staple:
1. It can be worn in any season.
2. You can layer nicely because the material is not that thick.
3. Accessorizing can change it up completely.
4. You can bend over, crawl up the playground stairs, and chase your little one without showing your parts to the world.
5. You feel like you are in pajamas but don’t look like you are.
I like the color black for this garment because it can be dressed up for other occasions but you really can find them in any color. I have put together a couple of my favorite styles for this season. You can shop the looks below.

This photoshoot was in collaboration with:
C Wright Photography
Instagram: @cwright.photog
Eastlake Events, LLC
Instagram: @eastlakeevents
Tousled and Teased (Crystal)
Instagram: @tousledandteased

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Family Photo Fashion

Tender Nest Photography

Tender Nest Photography

Tender Nest Photography

Tender Nest Photography

Tender Nest Photography

It’s that time of year for family photos and holiday preparation. I know it’s only October but there are only nine weeks left until Christmas, crazy to think about that! As a lady on-the-go, I start planning things this month so that I don’t wait until the last minute. This year I wanted to get our family photos done in advance so that we could check that off the list. Easier said than done for sure, especially for us mamas! I am currently tending to a sick toddler so things have been moved around this week already.

I think it’s important to capture our family at least once a year so we can look back and remember that year in photos, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. I was thrilled to work with Houston Family Photographer Anel from Tender Nest Portraits again (our previous shoot photos here). She has a great eye, is a mom herself, and she is quick to capture beautiful shots.

This year I wanted to change up our typical holiday photo from green/red color scheme to add a little more color. It was a toss-up between purple and wine, my two favorite fall colors. Purple won because we are a Longhorn family and wine is too close to Aggie maroon, LOL.
Making an aesthetically pleasing photo without using green and red can be easier than you think. I would suggest you still stick to a fall or winter color but you can change it up. Pick one color and you can tie in different shades of that to make a cohesive look. As you can see my hubby is in a purple checked button up, my little one has a purple vest with a plaid skirt that also has purple, and I have on a vest that has the purple in the print. Holiday photos don’t have to be so traditional, try a different color this year!

For more information and to book your holiday photo shoot with Anel.CLICK HERE


A Fall Look with Denim

Denim Dress Fall Look Orange Handbag

It’s fall yall! Well it’s the fall season but we are still enjoying temps in the mid-eighties, which I don’t mind. I have however seen a ton of fall fashion posts with jackets, sweaters, and boots and I can’t imagine that right now. I decided to put together a fall like look and show you how you can do this even in the heat!

Denim Dress Fall Look Orange Handbag

Denim Dress Fall Look Orange Handbag

Denim Dress Fall Look Orange Handbag

Denim Dress Fall Look Orange Handbag

Denim Dress Fall Look Orange Handbag

Yes, it’s another denim dress and I do have a million but they are such classics. Denim dresses are extremely versatile because they can be worn in any season. The denim dress can transform for most occasions and is a great piece to have as a staple in your wardrobe.
The look I put together today is a mix of fall colors and textures to get the warmth of fall without feeling like a 100 degrees. I paired this denim dress with a leopard scarf and belt, and some sparkle suede booties. The orange from the bag and scarf play nicely as a fall- ish color scheme. How can you achieve a fall look without the warmth?

How to achieve a Fall look without the warmth:
1. Wearing fall textures and materials: Suede is a great example of this and you can find a lot of suede shoes, boots, and skirts right now.
2. Incorporate fall colors into your look: Even short sleeve tops, shirts, and heels give the appearance of fall if they are in the right colors. Examples: Wine, Forest Green, Orange, Mustard, ect.
3. Wearing thin garments that cover more: You can achieve an easy fall look by wearing a sheer long sleeve top or a thin dress like the one I have on.
4. Booties, Booties, Booties: You can beat the heat with the booties trend, still having a boot look but your legs can breathe.
5. Accessorize: You can always add something that has a fall vibe like a felt hat, calf hair heels, a fur necklace, or even a scarf.
Dressing for fall in Houston can be challenging sometimes but possible. Little changes can go a long way. Here’s to fall fashion, pumpkin spice, and everything nice!


DIY: Tie Choker

Men's Tie Choker

The choker is a HUGE trend this season to say the least. I love seeing the different variations from designers and the way they incorporate different shapes and materials. Being a DIY-er, I love to challenge myself to create unique and interesting fashion of the times. So I decided to take one of my favorite fashion items, the men’s tie, and make it into a choker. Something easy that any woman can recreate. Follow the steps below to create one of your own!

One men’s tie
Embellishments of your choice: (I used a pearl trim and a small piece of lace)
Clasp of your choice ( I used small plastic snaps for time saving)
Sewing Machine
Optional No Sew: Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, and No Fray Spray

DIY Choker


DIY Choker

DIY Choker

DIY Choker

1.Wrap the skinnier edge of the tie around your neck to measure the length of your choker and cut, make sure to leave a little room- you don’t want it to literally choke you!
2. Sew the non-pointed edge so that it will not fray. (Apply No Fray Spray and let dry of you are not sewing)
3. Add the clasp of choice.
4. Sew or glue on embellishments.
5. Try on one last time to make sure it fits, then you are done!
This choker is a simple project that anyone can do. Especially the no sew version. It’s a great gift for a friend or even a Christmas present. There are only 11 more Mondays until Christmas so you only have a couple of weeks- LOL!

DIY Choker


Work Wardrobe Wednesday: The Blazer

Floral Blazer

The Blazer is the quintessential garment for every working woman. Blazers can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses. The Blazer dates back to the 1800’s and was first designed for rowing teams. Originally the blazer was very loose and kept the rowers warm on chilly days. It gained attention when the rowers would wear these garments on dry land and served as a true status symbol.

Floral Blazer

Pink Handbag

Career Chic

The shape hasn’t changed much over time, the lapels get bigger and smaller and they hit in different spots but the basic shape has stayed the same. Making the blazer a classic item for any well rounded wardrobe. But who says classics have to be boring? Not me! I wanted to bring a fun colorful work wear appropriate look today. The classics are great for work but can be so drab sometimes. Fall Florals are a big trend and I thought I would join in. This look is so colorful that I kept the rest of the color palette quite simple by just using black and white. The entire outfit is classics but coordinated in a way that is not so typical.

Career Fashion


Floral Blazer

Even if you aren’t the daring colorful type, a patterned blazer can add just the right amount of fashion to work wear. There are so many to choose from but you can start with basic patterns like plaid, houndstooth, and stripes and pair these with a solid colorful shirt underneath. I hope this post inspires you to create a more colorful work wear look!

Photography by: Stacy Anderson Photography

Shop the Zaful entire collection and this Blazer here!

For more Work Wardrobe Wednesday looks click here!

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I am Hispanic, right?

It’s the end of Hispanic Heritage Month and I thought it was time to get a little personal. Yes, I am Hispanic, I know to some people this is so miraculous because I am so fair skinned- LOL. Well, let me shed a light on the little subject of culture and what being Hispanic means to me.

I grew up in a predominantly white (Caucasian if you want to be proper) area and NEVER felt a certain way, but I look back and realize, all of my upbringing until high school was so separated. I would hang out with my friends and things would be a certain way and then I would visit family (even on a ranch in Mexico) and everything would be so drastically different. All that being said, I still felt like just me? Why did everything have to be so categorized?

As a got older, I realized we segregate ourselves. I remember being the only person whose grandfather was wearing a cowboy hat at the Christmas play. Did this bother me? No, I didn’t even realize that was strange or different until it was brought to my attention. I was just happy my family was there to support me. I was thinking, can you believe my grandparents drove six hours to come support me?

Sometimes I felt so disconnected being in the middle. It’s like living a double life- sorta. It was me in both scenarios, but the scenery vastly different. Because of my background, I was selected for different leadership programs and represented Hispanics in many ways. If I didn’t show up to these events and start speaking Spanish it was an insult and I wasn’t considered proud of my heritage. Little did these people know, I am an introvert, speaking English and meeting new people had me nervous as it was. It had nothing to do with heritage or culture and everything to do with being shy. And as Selena’s dad said, “You have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more White than the White people.” But I was always thinking, why can’t I just be me?

In some cases, I did feel not Hispanic, Mexican, or Latina enough but I didn’t really care. I blended in with the Caucasians and my family loved me for who I was. I was born in America so I had the American experience and had the BIG Mexican family to bring and keep the culture alive. Being Hispanic to me meant having the best of both worlds. I wish more people would see it like this. Let’s stop comparing everything and unite to be one. Who really cares if a Hispanic person doesn’t speak perfect Spanish (I do speak Spanish by the way), is that really important? The beauty of each one of us is the uniqueness about us.

The inspiration for this post came from my love for my Hispanic culture and everything about it. And of course my love for TACOS! I hope that one day we can embrace, educate, and understand the racial barriers we create for ourselves. Imagine that?


A Thrift Challenge

To thrift, or not to thrift, that’s NOT the question. To thrift it is! Growing up I learned to manage finances at a young age. Although, in more recent years, it’s been frowned upon to pay your children for grades and chores, I believe this is how I learned the value of a dollar. I was able to manage a budget, save up for bigger items, and forecast for the future. Let’s just say, I learned to make a dollar holler. I could afford to shop at many places but I liked the thrill of bargain shopping and finding unique treasures at the thrift stores. My whole style aesthetic to this day is a mélange of high and low end items including some that are from the thrift store.

This week I teamed up with Anjelica from Crafty Thrifter for the ultimate thrifting challenge. Blogger vs. Blogger! We agreed to each style 2 outfits using a classic white v neck t-shirt and the rest of the items had to be thrifted. I was really excited to work on this project because I love to hunt for cool things. And to find them at crazy low prices makes it even more of an adventure. Both of the outfits I styled were less than $50 total (what a STEAL of a deal)!

My first outfit was a work inspired look. The black Zara skirt was the first item I found and I used that as the base for my outfit. Since the t-shirt and skirt were such classic pieces, I decided to style the rest of the ensemble in a charming way. I thought I would do a “play on style” using a bow tie as a choker because they are really trendy this season. The suspenders and loafers also added to the menswear theme. To finish the look, I added the red oversized heart bag. If you know me, you know my obsession with hearts (you can see other heart looks here and here)!



My second outfit was funkier and more casual. I found the cigar box handbag first and thought this would be the focal point for my outfit. Talk about a treasure, I also found Stuart Weitzman red snakeskin boots for $12.99 that were a must have! I decided to be a bit daring and add a pattern jean in a subtle color. This look was finished off with the same classic red glasses. Even though this outfit was a combination of patterns and prints the over appearance was great.




I think thrifting can be really enjoyable but it does take time to find what you are looking for. As a mom, it’s not always the most practical way to shop when I can buy online in 5 minutes. But I do like to thrift every so often and especially this time of year. Halloween is just around the corner and the thrift shop can help you find your costume on the cheap. Hope you enjoyed our blogger thrifting challenge and you challenge yourself to create a thrifted masterpiece. Stay tuned to Crafty Thrifty for her challenge update later this week.


A Zoo-rific Party + Giveaway!


My little one is three now! She is at such a fun age and I love that new things are so fascinating. This year when we were deciding on a theme/location for her birthday she wanted to have it at the Zoo, her favorite place to visit. She has such an incredible love for animals so this was the perfect place to celebrate.

When you have a party at a venue the set up time is usually around 15 mins, which for me, is never enough time! I love to decorate and have to put a unique touch on everything. I was still able to add some flair and pizazz even though timing was minimal. Here are some of my Zoo party ideas that made our party a success.


1. We had a face painter
This was an easy addition with minimal effort because they set up for themselves.

2. Make your own sand art station
I set up a sand art station with all materials. This was easy to do beforehand and I used square plastic containers to avoid making a mess.


3. A tattoo station
I set up a tattoo station with temporary tattoos, a water bottle, and paper towels.



1. Animal themed snack bar
I created a snack bar with goldfish, iced animal cookies, animal crackers, and cheerios. This was an easy pack up snack for my guests that were staying the day at the zoo.

2. Breakfast
Our party was early in the morning so we set up fruit, breakfast tacos (homemade by my mom-yum!) and donuts for quick grab and go breakfast.

3. Served cupcakes
This saved time with cake cutting and they were easy to distribute.



I am not a huge fan of tons of sugar so I decided to keep the treat bags candy free. Here are the items I included.
1. Finger puppets
2. Stamper Markers
3. Grow Capsules Safari Animals
4. Animal Print Sunglasses
5. Stickers
6. Animal Activity Book


1. Labels, Signs, and Stickers
I used to create a custom label for the party theme.

2. Centerpieces
What child doesn’t have a million stuffed animals? I used three stuffed animals tied with fishing line as the centerpieces. This was a way to incorporate something we already had to decorate the tables.


I have teamed up with the Houston Zoo to offer a 4 pack of tickets to one of my readers. Please enter below:

Houston Zoo 4 Pack Ticket Giveaway


[Disclosure: This post was sponsored and done in collaboration with the Houston Zoo. As always opinions are my own.]

Why Every Girl Should Have a Novelty Bag


It’s Fashion Week in NYC right now and I love seeing all of the street fashion and styling. Although some of the world is experiencing fall temperatures right now, we are still blazing in the 90’s! I am holding on to summer with this straw novelty bag. I love novelty bags and think they create a new look for an otherwise BORING outfit.



1. They add personality to your outfit
2. They can take a plain outfit to the next level.
3. It’s an easy and quick way to change an outfit.
4. You can personalize your outfit for the occasion.
5. It’s something different and unusual.
6. They are instant photo props.
7. It’s a conversation starter.
8. They take up minimal room in your closet.
9. They fit great in a suitcase.
10. Not all of them will break the bank!


As you can see a plain white and black ensemble can have a complete makeover with just adding a novelty bag. This bag is so simple yet adds some flair and a sprinkle of happiness to this outfit. This is one of my favorites for traveling because it is so flat and you can’t beat the price of under $20.


I hope this post will inspire you to at least purchase one novelty bag if you don’t own one already. I have added some of my favorites for this season below. The possibilities are truly endless and you will be surprised what a change a simple bag can make!

Shop my bag here:

Some of my favorites of this season:

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Alphabet Shapes for Pasta – Dress Up Your Spaghetti!

Spaghetti is one of our favorite meals. It’s easy, quick for weeknights, and leftovers always taste just as great. As a mom, I have limited time to make things from scratch these days, and let’s be honest, I don’t really want to. When I heard about the new Ragu Homestyle Sauce that was created to taste homemade I was super excited to try it out.

The new Ragu Homestyle Sauce is the thickest sauce they have, it hugs every noodle, has boldest flavor yet because they peel, chop and simmer our ingredients and use a special blend of herbs (basil, fennel, oregano and black pepper) to layer and build the flavor. They have created a true Homestyle taste.

Homestyle for my family means sharing meals and enjoying company. We try to encourage meals together at least a couple times a week. For my recipe, I decided to create a kid-friendly recipe perfect for a little education at the dinner table. And for those toddler moms out there, something that will keep your children entertained at the table longer than five minutes.


The final product:

These noodle shapes are great for children and make a fun, educational, and entertaining dinner. They can be a unique dinner party component used as a name plate or even as a label for a dish. For more recipes and to see the new flavors of the Ragu Homestyle Sauce click here.


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